Katie Mitschelen
Event Visits

Event Visits

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Looking for an author to visit your school or library? I love sharing writing with all ages. I have many presentations, adaptable to fit your event needs, including:

Snooping Around Nonfiction
How is writing nonfiction like being a detective? Where do authors find answers to their questions? Learn how to use detective skills to uncover the interesting and true story you want to write!

From Idea to Storybook
Ever wondered how a book is made? We’ll follow an idea from the beginning until it is a published book. Plus, you’ll get an inside glimpse at my writing and revising process.

One State, Four Unique Regions
Happy 200th birthday, Indiana! Learn what makes each Indiana region unique. How did Lake Michigan form? Why does southern Indiana have rocky cliffs while central Indiana has till plains? What are till plains, anyway? Explore Indiana and celebrate our Hoosier pride.

All presentations will be adapted to suit the audience age level.

Bring Katie to you!
Katie Mitschelen is available to work with your students and community members. Please contact to discuss availability and request a marketing packet, which includes information on fees, programs, possible grant opportunities and more! kmitschelen (at) hotmail (dot) com

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